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Salary:  £44,481 - £55,219

Closing date:  Noon on Friday 14th June 2019 

Interview dates:  Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July 2019


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In August 2018, Stockton Riverside College merged with Redcar and Cleveland College, a move that will help to meet the skills needs of today and tomorrow in our local communities – and it is going really well.

We are now looking to recruit a new Group Director of Marketing to help shape and deliver our strategy; deliver exceptional experiences for our students, staff and stakeholders; and enable and empower us to achieve our realistic targets. We are looking for an exceptional person with the experience, drive and motivation to make a difference, to innovative and to deliver great results. This is an exciting time to join us, to further your career and to be part of our future and the future of education and skills in the Tees Valley. If you love life and work, and can get that balance right, we look forward to meeting you.

About Us - Welcome

June 2019

Dear Colleague

Group Director of Marketing

I am writing to you to thank you for showing interest in the post of Group Director of Marketing and to tell you a little bit more about the job and the Group. We are looking for someone to lead us to the next level in terms of marketing and recruitment; someone with gravitas and a calm and incisive approach; someone who can immediately hit the ground running; someone who gets where we are coming from, can fit in, and can start to work with us to deliver our future… but more of that later.

Stockton Riverside College Group is a good college. In May 2017 we achieved confidence judgements from QAA in terms of both academic standards and student experience. In November 2017, we received a short inspection from Ofsted (following on from a Good inspection in 2014) and were judged to continue to be Good. More recently, in June (2018), we completed a very positive Matrix whole College assessment and in March 2019 we received an exceptionally good Ofsted Monitoring Visit, achieving record numbers of significant progress judgements. The latter was initiated following our merger with Redcar and Cleveland College. In terms of financial management, we are resilient and robust and deliver our budgets. Our local and sub-regional reputation is excellent. Most of the above you can easily get from the internet, so perhaps a little more information on the qualitative context would be helpful to you?

As a Group we have been on a journey, starting in 2012. We deliberately set out to develop outstanding relationships with local stakeholders, including (but not exclusively) schools, the Combined Authority, Local Authority, our local university (Teesside University) and employers – we pursue a transformational rather than transactional agenda. We have made excellent progress and whilst many colleges talk about being engaged with stakeholders, we believe, via our transformational approach, we are and this really matters to us. Achievement rates etc. are high and we believe it is perfectly reasonable for us to be Outstanding in 2020/21.

We have a number of really exciting marketing developments that will all come to fruition in coming months so part of the initial phase of this job will be closing loops. We believe we fund marketing well. The team(s) are good and we normally achieve our recruitment targets across the various strands of a fairly diverse business. We see ourselves as a part of the solution to local social and economic challenges, working in partnership. We recognise that we cannot do it alone – humility is an important aspect of our DNA.

We acquired a local engineering training Company (NETA) in 2015 and merged with Redcar and Cleveland College on the 1 August 2018. We are excited about our future with both and in terms of the more recent merger with Redcar and Cleveland College, we are working hard to develop the same relationships with partners in Redcar as we have in Stockton and it is going really well.

As Group Director of Marketing you will be an important part of our Senior Management Team. You will work closely, and at times independently, with our Governors and senior external stakeholders. You must already be technically competent, have excellent social media and technology skills, and have well developed leadership skills. Our senior managers focus on strategy. Of course there are times when they need to drill deep but this should be the exception. Senior managers are part of the Senior Management Team and they are not part of any other team. The critical role they play is via coaching and performance management to create, enable and empower amazing operational managers. We believe our approach and business model manifests in a culture of empowerment and enablement and is partly responsible for our excellent staff survey results – for four years we have had outstanding results. When colleagues visit they almost always comment on the positive atmosphere and the feeling of community. Colleagues who want to make decisions, who want to feel ownership, and who want to deliver outstanding results for students, customers and staff tend to do well with us.

We have very rigorous and robust business planning and performance review systems and we are very focused on outcomes. We operate at pace, we always say this to future colleagues but it’s fair to say, when they join, they are still often surprised. Being robust and resilient is an important characteristic for our senior managers to have as is the ability to prioritise.

As much as humility, robustness and resilience are important aspects of our DNA, so is highly effective and efficient financial management. All of our managers are financially competent – we call them budget holders and we really mean that. Our view is that if an organisation’s finances are strong it can achieve its objectives, if they are not, an organisation struggles to achieve anything – so we can make tough decisions and when we do, we do so with incision. We believe in financial delegation and that those best placed to make decisions regarding any particular service, are those nearest to that service. Colleagues from other colleges used to dibbling and dabbling in operations and/or micro managing find our approach challenging.

Our Governors are completely behind us – the agenda we follow is the one they set. We have a high performing Governing Body, led by a very experienced Chair. Governors are part of our College. Our Governors often undertake learning walks, they attend College events (as most Governors do in most colleges) but they also attend Learner Forums, Group Management Team meetings and much more. We believe if a Governor is making strategic decisions, they need to understand what the College is about, how it feels and what it is seeking to achieve – we do not believe you get that from just sitting in board rooms listening to senior management reporting – it is much more than that.

In terms of our future, we want to hold onto the things that have brought us this far but we now want to ‘kick on’. We want to be an outstanding employer and we think that if we achieve this we will employ outstanding staff, who in turn will deliver outstanding results for students and our communities. We are looking for colleagues who can truly buy into our approach, who can deal with operational matters with incision and speed but can bring strategic thinking to the table and who can (critically) devise, monitor and execute strategy. We want team players who are able to disagree with colleagues to get to the best outcome but are also happy to then laugh and joke with the same colleagues a few minutes later.

So we are not seeking a ‘turnaround’. There are no unrealistic targets to chase. We are looking for someone to lead us to the next level. However, this does not mean we are frightened of change – we are not. We need someone with gravitas and a calm and incisive approach, someone who can immediately hit the ground running, and gets where we are coming from and can fit in, and work with us to deliver our future. If you are looking to consolidate your career and become a long term part of a vibrant and dynamic community or if you are career-minded and want to progress to higher levels - this job could be for you. If you are robust and resilient, energised and an excellent communicator - this could be the job for you. If you can work intuitively, bring to bear contemporary marketing approaches and enable teams to achieve outstanding results - this job could be for you. And finally, if you love life and work and can get that balance right, we look forward to meeting you.

We have retained FE Associates to support us with this crucial appointment and we encourage interested parties to have an initial meeting with our Lead Consultant, Jo Johnston, in advance of the closing date. This can be arranged by

Yours sincerely

Phil Cook
Chief Executive Officer & Principal


How to Apply

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We have appointed FE Associates to help us find the right person and interested parties are encouraged to have an initial conversation with Jo Johnston, ahead of the closing date and prior to submitting an application, by emailing

Closing date:  Noon on Friday 14th June 2019

Interview dates:  Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July 2019

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Closing date: Noon on Friday 14th June 2019

Date for interview:  Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th July 2019