‘SAR to Finish’ training package

‘SAR to Finish’ training package


Effective self-assessment and quality improvement plans are central to driving up standards and improving outcomes for learners. Writing evaluative self-assessment reports, ensuring they remain live and have impact continues to be an on-going challenge for providers, particularly for middle managers who are often new to the role and have not previously been involved in self-assessment. The 5 day ‘SAR to Finish’ training package provides managers with the skills to write effective self-assessment reports, quality improvement plans and offers on-going support to refine SARs prior to validation.

The training package

The training is aimed at middle managers responsible for writing self-assessment reports. The training package can facilitate up to 18 managers. The package consists of:

1 day's training on:

  • Understanding the CIF (key aspects, norms V strengths and going beyond achievement rates)
  • Making and writing judgements (evaluative language and making judgements based on evidence)
  • Grading (accuracy of grades and identifying factors which impact on grades)
  • Quality improvement plans (sustainable improvements, impact measures and targets).

3 days' critical friend support. This support will take place once staff have had time to develop their first draft SAR. The support will include:

  • A series of 1:1 meetings with mangers to include:
    • Reviewing and feedback on their first draft SAR
    • Coaching, support and guidance for managers
  • Feedback at the end of each day to senior managers providing key themes
  • A written report summarising the main strengths and on-going areas for development following the support.

1 day’s validation:

  • Associate sits on the college panel to provide an external perspective and validate grades
  • Depending on the size of the organisation this can be a departmental, school/faculty or at college level.

This is an outline, however, the overall package can be adapted to meet each individual provider’s need.


  • The overall cost for the 5 day package is £3,400.
  • This includes all training and support for up to 18 managers, accommodation and expenses.

What next?

To book the training package or discuss your individual requirements please contact either:

Edd.brown@fea.co.uk / 07827 892146 or

Karen.brooks@fea.co.uk / 01454 617707


If you would like to discuss how FE Associates can support your quality improvement activities, please get in touch. FE Associates' quality improvement ethos is based on sustainable improvements and giving providers the skills to manage and improve the quality of provision independently.  For more information contact Edd Brown on 07827 892 146 or email edd.brown@fea.co.uk


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