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About Us


As the only provider of interim leadership and management solutions and consultancy services that employs a team of consultants, FE Associates is uniquely placed to provide tried and tested expert professionals to support the leadership, management and consultancy needs of organisations in the further education and skills sector.

Expert Finance Consultants

  • Jeremy Cook
  • Lynda Croft
  • Elizabeth Irumba
  • Ushma Patel
  • Stephen Wagstaff 

Expert MIS and Data Consultants

  • Steve Hewitt
  • Chris Hick
  • Andrew Naismith
  • Mark Powell
  • Robin Wilson

Expert Curriculum and Quality Consultants

  • Stuart Barlow
  • Chris Davies
  • Sheila Fraser-Whyte
  • Clive Hodge
  • Karen Humphreys
  • Gordon MacLennan
  • Darran Marks
  • Rob Sibley
  • Jackie Watt
  • David White

Dedicated Team

Having a dedicated team of experts to call on outside of our own specialisms is something I haven’t experienced elsewhere, giving us all the tools we need to truly make a difference.

Jo Lomax, FEA Interim Principal

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