Proud Believers in the Value of Education


We take education seriously; it’s our passion, and the FEA Standard ensures each provider receives the level of expertise and skills we would expect.

This guarantee runs deep, starting at our organisational structure.

Our teams follow the provider structure - by mirroring how you work, we are able to ensure we can truly understand your departmental and cross-departmental challenges. 

Each consultant is led by a sector-leading practitioner who sets the benchmark for their team – handpicking each consultant and interim specialist to ensure you receive the skills and support you need.

Alongside our team structure our consultants are also given the freedom to be free-thinkers, constantly evolving their skills to tackle the challenges faced by the sector. But we are always mindful of the bigger picture, which is why our team is also a highly integrated support network. By supporting and sharing each other's specialisms they are always able to call on each other to gain insight outside of their own area of expertise.



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